Texas Premiere For POT ZOMBIES

Sunday 01/29/06 by Dead Kev

Texas Frightmare Weekend to be world premiere for Pot Zombies. Plus, DVD extras and other screenings announced!

Pot ZombiesWant to see what happens to you when you smoke weed? Yeah, that's right, you turn into a zombie! And this time, you're not going to be digging into that bag of Cheetos...it's going to be human flesh you have the munchies for! That's what your momma warned you about!

Be at the Texas Frightmare Weekend and you'll be there for the World Premiere. It'll be screened on Saturday February 4th at 5pm sharp! Other screenings include:

Wed. Feb 8th @ 8pm - FREE screening at REDBLOOD CLUB (2617 Commerce in Deep Ellum)
Fri. Feb 10th @ 8pm - FREE screening at BAR OF SOAP in Fair Park
Sat. Feb 11th @ 6:30pm, 8pm, and 9:30pm in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Director Justin Powers will have a bunch of DVD copies of the film for sale at these screenings, with hopes of landing a distributer to get it to stores later. DVDs will be $15 to the public and extras included will be:

- Trailer for LOVECRACKED: THE MOVIE (www.biffjuggernaut.com)
- MISS HANNA HOKES music video
- HONKY music video - "Love to Smoke Your Weed"
- Another short film directed by Justin Powers

Get more info at the film's spot at MySpace.com. And also find out more at our Info Page here at ATZ.

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