DEAD LETTERS Taking Submissions

Saturday 01/21/06 by Dead Kev

They Need Your Stories!

Get your tall tales together folks. Dead Letters is accepting submissions for its March 2006 issue and beyond. If you missed the first issue and don't know what it's about, it's a 'zine dedicated exclusively to stories of the zombie apocalypse and they're ready for another installment. Here's what they want...

As the only all-fiction, all-zombie periodical in the marketplace, Dead Letters is interested in creative portrayals of the walking dead in all their permutations. From short-shorts to novellas, sequential art to poetry, we’re looking for new and remarkable visions of the walking dead. Contributors are encouraged to go beyond Romero and Fulci and into places the zombie has not yet shambled.

Horror is very much a part of the walking dead subgenre, but Dead Letters is not interested in splatter above such niceties as plot and character. Have something to say and use the living dead to say it.

If you want to pick up the first copy, then you need to CLICK HERE. Another link you might be interested in is for the cover artist for issue #1. The artwork can be purchased in poster form at David Seidman's Illustrations.

The relaunch of the Fish-End Press site is in the works, but in the meanwhile, interested contributors can find out everything they need to know by visiting

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