ATZ's 1st Annual Tourney Pick'em! 2nd Annual Baseball League!

Wednesday 03/15/06 by Dead Kev

Tournament time is here! Baseball season is nearly here! Let's get it on!

Show the world that we zombie fans aren't all pasty shut-ins who spend all our time watching horror movies...let's play some sports! Or at the least, live vicariously through the real athletes and play some fantasy sports.

I know it's short notice on the tournament bracket, but you've still got some time to fill out your brackets and join in ATZ's first annual pick'em contest. If you win, you won't actually get anything...except for a heaping helping of respect from your fellow zombie fans, but it'll be fun. Go to the following link and join our league.
league name: ATZ 1st Annual Pick'em
ID# 87495
password: zombie

Baseball season is almost here as well. We had our first one last year and it was quite a success. I think I came in fourth, but I was robbed! Robbed I tell you! Here's the info to join. There's only room for 12 teams, so first come first serve will be the name of the game. (make sure you go under "Free Fantasy Baseball," we're too cheap to pay to play)
league name: ATZ 2nd Annual Baseball League
ID# 225671
password: zombie

When it comes to the baseball league, I ask you PLEASE do not join unless you plan on participating through the ENTIRE season. That means, changing your roster, and all that jazz. Only join if you REALLY want to play and plan to keep up with your team.

The other semi-requirement, for both the tourney and baseball, is that you try to keep your team names horror-themed, or related to the genre in some way.

Play ball!

Talk about it on the message board!