DVD Details On Hooper's MORTUARY

Wednesday 03/01/06 by Dead Kev

Tobe Hooper's zombie film coming to Sci-Fi in March, DVD in April...

When the dead break free, all hell breaks loose. Or so says the cover art for the upcoming zombiefest Mortuary directed by Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre.) Fangoria's reporting that the film has a DVD release date will be on April 11th while the film premieres on the Sci-Fi channel, a la All Souls Day and House of the Dead 2, in March on the 25th.

Rather than lay it all out here, if you want specs on what will be on the DVD, go to it's page over at Echo Bridge Entertainment.

There's also an Official Site you can visit, which has a rather...interesting...bola throwing game.


Sources: Fangoria, Echo Bridge Entertainment

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