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Attack of the Naked Zombie Bitches. Update.

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Hardcore zombie porn at its best. Dead females have risen from the dead and this time they can't be killed. Naked and thirsty for meat, these bitches crave devouring men. In more ways than one. Humankind shows its deviant side in this morbid series as well. From murder, drug abuse, and triple X sex, readers get a good sense of what man, and a few women are capable of doing to one another. The story takes place in a run down diner near Las Vegas, Nevada in a old ghost town, that was once a thriving tourist attraction. The only thing the diner attracts now is the sleazy grime of locals, and the unfortunate hungry soul looking for a quick bite. Little do the patrons know that a hearty amount of life regenerating chemicals have been sprayed on the area by a rouge chemical lab. Hence, the rising female zombies from their graves. If zombie porn or monster porn is your flavor, your in for a real treat.

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