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Forum Rules

1. Things that will get you banned quick-like: hate speech, racism, bigotry, threats towards other members, spam, or too many stupid posts.

2. There are ladies present. Act accordingly. Sexually degrading comments (to an individual, or in general) are simply unacceptable. There's no place here for them here. What is or isn't acceptable will be left to the discretion of the moderators.

3. This is a friendly zombie community. It's just an internet message board, so don't take things too personally. Act civilized and refrain from resorting to insults. If you get into a pissing contest or start flaming, expect to be warned. We understand discussions can get heated, so if you're warned, just take it as a friendly reminder to keep an even keel. Continuing despite being warned will get you banned.

4. Threads concerning bootlegging, pirating, and/or stealing of movies, music, or someone's copyrighted material IS NOT allowed and will result in post deletion and possible further action.

5. Refrain from posting pornographic pictures or links to porn sites. This isn't going to be a place for kids to get their rocks off. If you wanna do that, take it some place else.

6. If your vocabulary consists of curse words every other word, find another board. We would rather not lose any IQ points by having to read your posts. Mainly because we can't afford to lose any more than we already have.

7. If you have a complaint (ie. moved/deleted post), please address it in a PM (private message) to a moderator or administrator. Try to refrain from taking your complaint to the message board without first attempting to resolve the issue via PM.

If you can follow those simple rules, feel free to post whatever you like and rest assured that we will do our best to keep this an open, honest and friendly forum, where thoughts and ideas will be freely expressed. Unless you post something we don’t like, in which case we’ll delete your post immediately, and depending on how we feel, quite possibly send you a virus that will format your entire hard drive. But let’s not dwell on that, because that’s just negative and we’re all about being positive here! Enjoy!