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HVZA Crawl, Nyack, New York October 25, 2014

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Author Linda Zimmermann brought the zombie apocalypse to the Hudson Valley in her HVZA novels. Now, we are calling on all zombies to descend on Nyack, NY for the first annual zombie crawl. It will take place on October 25, 2014, right before Nyack's famous Halloween parade, which drew 25,000 spectators last year. Bring out your inner zombie...

Zombie out brake

I have come up with the newest theory of the apocalypse. The new disease Ebola will start the out brake it starts in other con tries where they are more immune to it but soon it will involve int a brain killer and turn the earth into the walking dead land . So be ready

Attack of the Naked Zombie Bitches. Update.

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Hardcore zombie porn at its best. Dead females have risen from the dead and this time they can't be killed. Naked and thirsty for meat, these bitches crave devouring men. In more ways than one. Humankind shows its deviant side in this morbid series as well. From murder, drug abuse, and triple X sex, readers get a good sense of what man, and a...

Love Zombies? Want to be one?

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Love zombies? Want to be one? The Last Taxi Driver, a short film that is scheduled to film for three days in February in Nassau County and is fundraising. One of the perks is being transformed into a zombie, and being in the film!! Check out our promotional video - and if you can't afford that perk, donate anything, and we'll be...

The Loneliest Boy of All -- The Curving Line

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I like witty or nonsense titles, so for the sake of my dignity, I'm leaving the "working titles" off until I'm positive.

Untitled #1...

ZOMBIES WANTED: HUMANS, TOO -Fun Run Offers Spooky Amusement

(Temecula, California)
Zombies and humans alike are invited to join the spookiest, most fun run in the valley October 26th as the Boojum Institute hosts its family friendly “Boojum Zombie Run” to benefit experiential education.
“Human” runners are chased by “Zombie” participants through an entertaining and “infested” course while...

Zombiepalooza Radio

[size="7"][font="Century Gothic"][b]have you heard of zombiepalooza Radio?



Attack of the Naked Zombie Bitches

Coming soon will be our latest Hans Hillerman film project: Attack of the Naked Zombie Bitches.

Why Naked Zombies? Because just like rotting corpses in the ground, clothes rot and fall off dead bodies. It's not like zombies dress up before they eat the living.

Women zombies. Is it not time...

TWB Press Presents: "Dead Bastards"


Dead Bastards
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TWB Press just signed Scottish author Jenny Thomson
E-Book Available Now
A ballsy couple’s cozy lives are upended when the zombie apocalypse strikes Glasgow, and every day becomes a battle for survival as they team up with a band of misfits in hopes of starting civilization anew.
A zombie apocalypse novel with a Scottish twist

What if they aren't really dead?

Just read this new book, "Alive Inside" from L.V. Dunn.
So, what if they aren't REALLY dead? And by that I mean, what if they SEEM dead... SMELL dead... science has proven to be just animated corpses BUT the infected person is still there - trapped? They have to watch themselves doing terrible things, all the while completely...

The best zombie apocalypse novel I've read in a long time.

It takes a lot from a book for me to be willing to give it an endorsement and share, but I read one that simply must be shared.

It's called Silence of Souls...

"Zombie Family" rahhhh rahhh rahhh

Hi everyone!!!

I'm very excited to announce the upcoming web-series, "Zombie Family" !! A little average family of Zombies trying to 'Keep up with the Joneses' soon discover they may have to eat them too. Though they look and talk like zombies (rahhh rahhh rahh) everyone treats them...

New Zombie Book

Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum, but i have been a zombie freak since i was seven. Recently I wrote my first book, which is available on at:

"We didn't make this world what it's become, but it's ours now. Like every other generation we have the mess of the prior...

Do you smell it?

Will you need to smell like a ‘stinking’ ZOMBIE to make it through the apocalypse? I believe that hygiene will be a major concern for me when everything falls apart. I will set up downwind and smell fresh as a daisy, rather upwind and smell like a skunk’s ass to blend in with ZOMBIES. I know that showers will be a luxury that most survivors...

A zombie community eh?

What's up there community? What is new and what is happening?

Don't want to share? =( Valentine day is coming up and once again I have no Valentine. Not that I put much importance on that sort of stuff. I was reminded of it when I went to Target and I heard two elderly women gossiping about it. I was never much for holidays honestly,...

Say yes to zombies on TV

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Zombie Buffs,

If you want to see more zombies on TV then check out this site to watch "Dying For Doritos" and support your fellow zombie enthusiasts in this years' Dortios Crash The Superbowl Contest!!!

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