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1313 Magazine

Alpha_Dog - SLOW MOTION APOCALYPSE : The Original Undead Apocalypse Live Update Journal - The Art of Butch Adams

Dead Rekindled

Horror Anthology from Frightworld Studios

Graveyard Shift

Masks, Props, Lighting, Sound, Animatronics, & More!

The House Of Darkness

The Morningstar Saga - A Serial Novel

Nostromo Design - Underground T-shirts From Above

Primal Films & Zombie Night


Undead Films

Zombie Commandos From Hell

Zombie Nation

Zombie Squad


All Flesh Must Be Eaten - Role-playing Game Set in a World of Survival Horror
Banned Horror - Info on Banned Horror Movies, Director Biographies, & Censorship
Black Dreams - The Misfits. Horror Movies. Punk Rock. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
Bloody Good Horror Page - Your Last Stop For Online Horror
The Bonepile - News, Reviews, Rants, & Raves of Everything Horror.
Carfax Abbey - Horror Film Database with Hundreds of Films, Biographies, over 1000 Gallery Pictures, Video Clips, Wallpaper, and More
Classic Horror Films, Etc. - Explore the World of the Classic Horror Films and the Paranormal! - A Student Filmmaker's Best Resource
The Creepniks - Playin' Real Texas Psychobilly, Spaghetti Western, & Surf
Crypt Crawl - Horror Search and Directory
Dark-Universe - The Ultimate in Horror News & Entertainment
Dark World - A Zombie RPG
Dawn of the Dead Review - Where You Can Submit Your Own Reviews of Romero's Classic Dawn of the Dead
Dead Planet - Join This Network of Zombie Outbreak Survivors
Diabolical Dominion - The Definitive Horror Resource on the Internet. Reviews, News, Interviews, Multimedia and Everything Else Horror Related
Die Screaming - The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror Websites
Eat My Brains! - Cult, Horror, and Independent Film Site
Everything Scary - Directory of Fear!
Fight Evil - Where Horror Characters From All Over Fight to be Champion
The Film Asylum - Home of Fantastical Cinema
The Flesh Farm - The Macabre, Strange, and Bizarre of Horror!
Fresh Dead Flesh - Dawn of the Dead (2004) Review & Links
FrightQuest - Halloween Search & Directory
Gaither Graphix - Art For the Criminally Insane
Golden Movies - Golden Movie: Chad's Movie Website
Gravewax Records - Home of Gravewax Records - The Web's #1 Horror Community
HAZCo - Protecting Against the Undead Since 2004
Homepage Of The Dead - George A. Romero's Dead Trilogy
Horror.Net - The Web's Deadliest Horror Network
Horror Attic - Where Horror Lives...
Horror Find - Horror Starts Here
Horror Web - Horror Web Fact, Fiction or Fable...All Horror All the Time!
Internet Movie Script Database - Movie Scripts Free for Reading and Downloading
It Will End in Pure Horror - A Band With a Unique "George Romero Edge Zombiecore" Sound - The Artwork of Jay Fotos
Manifestevil - Dismembering the Electronic
Morbid Mortuary - Horrors of All Kinds
Movies - Movie News, Views, & Discussion
Mummy Freaks - All Mummies, All The Time
NCRPC Home Page - National Center for Reanimation Prevention and Control
OZORT - Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Technicians - "Day by Day Armageddon"
The Route 66 Killers - Where Zombies, Murder and Surf Music Meet
The Rumour Machine - All the Latest News About Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy films - Halloween Search & Directory
Savage Cinema - 100% Weird - Listing the Best Horror and Gore Movie Sites on the Web! - Your One-Stop Shop For Horror
Tales From Uranus - Hardcore Underground Comix
Unearthed Films - Horror Movies "For The Good of Mankind"
Upcoming Horror Movies - Your Upcoming Horror Movie Resource
Very Scary Productions - An Independent Digital Filmmaker Primarily Specializing in the Horror Genre
Visions Of Terror - All Your Horror Needs Online
Xombie - Home of James Farr's Xombie Animated Series
The Zombie Bytes - Bloody Fiction to Spit On
Zombie Girls - Ladies That Really Know Their Horror
Zombie Junkyard - Reviews, Pics, and Much More
Zombie Keeper - Horror Movie Reviews From People Who Watch Horror Movies
Zombie Me - Zombie Me: Patchwork and Pieces - A Novel Blog
Zombie Republic - The Newest Zombie Site on the Block
Zombie TV - Home of CORPSE and The Dead World
Zombieology - Outbreak Containment Specialists
Zombierama - Zombie Reviews, History, Games, Humor and More


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Bone Sickness

04/20 - Movie

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Containment #1

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Resident Evil 4

01/20 - Movie

01/18 - Movie
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie