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By Paul Dirk

The night surrounded the '76 Mustang, they were hidden from any prying eyes. In the backseat of the car sat Christina Perks and Seth Roberts, Seth's sly hand was making its way u-p her leg and under her skirt. Christina reluctantly let his hand creep farther, over her panties, under her panties. Seth simultaneously kissed Christina's neck and started to unbutton and unzip his pants with his left hand. Christina could feel her legs begin to shake, she was nervous. "I don't think we should do this Seth," Christina said gently, she was trying not to make Seth mad.

"What the fuck are you talking about," Seth stopped kissing her, "if you didn't want to do this then why the hell did you let me get so far?" Christina shrugged, not knowing the answer. "Jesus Christ." Seth angrily muttered to himself.

"Can you take me home?" Christina asked, she kept her eyes on her thighs, which were now wrapped with sweat and her pulled down panties.

"Yeah, get yourself in order so your dad doesn't kill me." Seth dimly smiled at Christina and then pushed the front seat up, opened the door, and jumped out of the backseat and into the front. Christina pulled her panties up to the intended spot and wiped the sweat off of her brow before doing the same, but before she got to the front seat she heard a nearby growl.

Christina stopped and looked around, she looked out in the woods, she couldn't discern anything out of the ordinary. "Come on Chrissy." Seth said impatiently.

"There's something out there, listen." The growl came again as soon as Christina shut her mouth.

"Well, we don't want it any closer, so get in the goddamn car."

"Wait, I see someone," a stumbling and limping figure of a man wasn't too far away, "I think he's hurt."

"Chrissy, please get in the car!" Seth yelled while hitting the horn in unison.

"I'll be right back Seth." Christina adjusted her panties once more and then jogged out to meet the hurt man.

"Fuck." Seth watched Christina get closer and closer to the man and then saw Christina stop cold, followed by a blood-curdling scream. "Chrissy!" Seth swung his door open and jumped out of the car and ran closer to the image of the scrawny man and the petrified Christina. He was already too late, the man had already grabbed Christina and threw her into a tree and then began to drag her body off, Seth couldn't believe that he, an all-star runner, couldn't catch up to this "injured" and weak looking man, but he was gaining speed, closer, closer, and then he saw what made Christina freeze up, the man's skin was pale, his eyes were sunken in, worm's crawled out of his ears and out of rotten parts in his skin. The man turned and stared at Seth with his empty eyes and moaned.

As if taking this as a signal, six more, almost identical men jumped out. All of them having varying degrees of rotten flesh. One didn't have any skin on half of his head. All six of these, these, creatures created a barrier to keep Seth away. Seth couldn't break through, no matter how many times he attempted. He couldn't get pass these scrawny freaks. And he could hear Christina begin to scream again, so he did the last thing he could do, "Help! Help! Somebody please!" and the creatures pounced.

Christina awoke from being knocked out, everything was a blur and then she remembered what had happened and she realized she was being dragged through the woods. Sticks were stabbing into her back, and she would see clumps of hair falling out of the "man's" head. She screamed and the creature stopped and then dropped her foot to the ground. "Help! Help! Somebody please!" it was Seth's yells for help and then she heard Seth let out a blood-curdling scream.

The creature's face was now directly in front of hers, his rank breath seemed to stain her milky skin, the creature had her legs propped up and spread wide open. Her panties removed and she realized what the creature was intending to do to her. He was intending to rape her and there wasn't much she could do to stop him. And just like that, his cold skin face was on hers and his cold feeling was inside of her. Her tears kept pouring from her face and she sobbed silently, listening to her breathing that she tried to restrain, she also could hear Seth, he was still screaming somewhere in the distance. Everything seemed to sum up right there in her mind, she accepted the fact that her and Seth were probably going to die, and it was her fault.

The first creature that got to him had bit a chunk out of his arm, a big and deep enough chunk that he could see his blood stained bone. The creature kept this in its mouth and it continued to feast on it. The other creatures slowly closed in on him and when they all got to him, they were biting more chunks, one sunk its fingers into the wound on his arm and began to rip more chunks out. Seth stumbled backwards before they all were on him, the one with most of his face gone ripped Seth's foot off with a single pull. The others didn't even take the time to rip him to pieces, they fed right off of his bones. Seth's uncontrollable screams echoed through the air, he felt one of the creature's hands rip into his gut and he looked down briefly and saw his internal organs being pulled from his body and he managed another scream past the gurgling blood that came up his throat. That was his last scream before they ripped his bottom jaw off.

She lay on the leaves stunned, the creature hadn't killed her. It had simply gotten up and left, she could no longer hear Seth's screams and she hoped he was as lucky as she was, but in her mind she knew that it wasn't true. Even though it felt morbid to think it, she hoped that his pained and blood curdling screams had brought help to save her. She tried not to think this, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. For some reason the only thing that went through her mind was about her rapist and she wondered how ripped up Seth was, while thinking about his ripped up torso she got excited and nearly giggled. And then her eyes caught the light of the flashlights, deep in the woods and she screamed to get their attention.


Two hours later Christina sat in a hospital room and now police were talking to her, one of them were young and handsome and Christina wanted to know what his intestines would taste like. The other was an old cop, he thought he was "tough shit". "Christina, um," the young officer stopped and looked at the older one, "you tell her."

The older cop looked at Christina and then down to the foot of her bed. "Your boyfriend," he looked back at her, directly into her sunken eyes, "we can't find him, just..."

"Remains." the young officer finished and Christina felt the urge to bite his jugular out. "We need to know what exactly happened out there.

"Okay." Christina said solemnly. She told them that Seth had seen the man and insisted they help and she blindly followed. Leading to her rape and his death. It felt good to pin everything on Seth's ignorance. It also felt good to talk about her rapist, she described him as a strong man who had a lot of power. She said he was handsome and didn't seem like the type who would rape someone like her. "What, remains did they find?" Christina asked, just to top the whole story off.

"What does U.S.S.R.D stand for? And before you get cocky, I'm only asking so I know what to tell the cops when they ask for specifics."

"Some, internal organs and his lower, jaw." the young one said and then he turned around and trotted out the door, followed by the older one who had jotted down her whole statement. Before exiting the door he turned and looked at her.

"Don't you worry, we're gonna get this guy." He shot a smile to her and before his smile could fade and he could walk away. He saw her sad eyes turn empty, her skin got more pale, her eyes went black. She hopped off of the bed and walked slowly to him. He could sense something wasn't right, but he just stayed and watched her until she pounced on him and bit his throat, the first spray from the artery shot down her throat and all over her white skin. Frightened nurses stood around, confused. The young officer stood at the end of the hall, frozen in time, in fear. She began her slow, but steady walk down the hall. She impaled one nurse with her hand and bit another nurse's skull open. The frozen officer held his gun outwards and fired it into face before she could get to him. Her face caved in and the back of her head exploded outwards with a spray of blood, skull, and blood. Like a rabid animal she had suddenly became violent and to everyone else it couldn't be explained. Only the dead understand.

-- END --

You can e-mail Paul Dirk at

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