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By Alisa Morgan

The large woman opposite woke with a grunt as the train jolted over a join in the tracks. She blinked and scrubbed at her forehead with the back of one hand. As the hand passed in front of her eyes, she frowned at the pale pink smudge that adorned the light-coloured hairs. The woman lumbered to her feet and down the corridor to the toilets, preparatory to repairing the damage. As she moved slowly along the swaying carriage the young man stirred. He stretched, and, had anyone been watching, his limbs appeared to meld and run into each other like molten mercury. Then he rose and strode easily down the passage. Witnesses later claimed that he'd had a short conversation with the woman as he passed her, then they'd left the carriage together.


Mary-Lou was pleasantly surprised when the handsome young man came up to her, and even more so when it turned out he recognised her from some funeral way back. Some mutual second cousin or something. They chatted as they walked, and Mary-Lou felt enjoyably happy as they passed out of the coach. In the small space between carriages, which swayed and jolted wildly, her companion stopped. She paused and looked back, smiling, and stared. The young man's body was.melting. A scream bubbled up in her throat but froze as he turned his eyes on her. They had been warm and brown, now they were red, slitted and cat-like. Predatory. He opened what had been his mouth in a parody of a smile, baring his dripping maw. Her limbs felt heavy as her mind fogged and she slumped heavily to the ground.


The large woman walked briskly back to her seat, nodding at her neighbours. As she leant back in her seat she stretched comfortably and, just for a moment, her limbs ran together and her eyes flashed red.

-- END --

This story also appears on the website The Refuge. You can e-mail Alisa Morgan at

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